The Entombment Of Chaos LP


Neon yellow is limited to 200 copies, exclusive neon yellow vinyl variant only available through band.

Gatefold LP (European Import), Includes a CD with Bonus Track "Stench Of Paradise Burning"(Disincarnate Cover)

01 – “Cosmic Chasm” (Intro)
02 – “Illusive Divinity”
03 – “Congregation Of Flesh”
04 – “Synthetic Impulse”
05 – “Tombs Of Chaos”
06 – “Enshrined In Agony”
07 – “Dissectasy”
08 – “Torturous Ways To Obliteration”
09 – “Eternal Hatred”
10 – “Unfurling The Casket”

Bonus track:
11 – “Stench Of Paradise Burning” (Disincarnate cover)

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