Desolate Isolation Demo/Comp Slipcase CD(import)


Slipcase jewel case CD.

Schedule to ship around end of April.
Import from Kill again records(Brazil).

SKELETAL REMAINS - Desolate Isolation + 07 bonus

1.Desolate Isolation (demo remaster 2020)
2.Traumatic Existence (demo remaster 2020)
3.Sub-Zero Termination (demo remaster 2020)
4.Chronic Infection (Pestilence cover) (demo remaster 2020)
5.Evocation (Asphyx cover)
6.Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia (live in Tokyo 2016)
7.Homicidal Pulchritude (live in Tokyo 2016)
8.Sub-Zero Termination (live in Tokyo 2016)
9.Antropophagy (live in Tokyo 2016)
10.Crippled Sanity (from "Condemned To Misery" sessions)
11.Planetary Genocide (from "Devouring Mortality" sessions)